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420 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY 

As the largest venue in the New York metro area, Eden Palace is suited for social events of all sizes. Our facilities can host high-class social events, parties, weddings, and celebrations.

Our world-class facilities impress visitors from the moment they step through the grand entrance. Guests pass beneath grandiose chandeliers to mingle in rooms surrounded by elegant decorations and modern facilities.

We can arrange all of the fine details of your event – including catering, decorating, and any other unique services you might require. Catering is provided by world-class chefs who can prepare a wide range of American, Persian, European, and Middle-Eastern dishes. No matter which type of cuisine or dietary needs you might require, our chefs can specially accommodate your requests. Our staff will ensure every minute of your party proceeds without a hitch.                     

Surrounded by splendid décor, your social event is guaranteed to be a hit at the Eden Palace. Our facilities are equipped to handle any social event with world-class service, fine dining, and a totally polished experience. We can make your next social event unforgettable.