Four course:

Treat guests to a feast with our four course menu which includes hot and cold appetizers, soups, dinner entrées, and desserts.
Hot and cold beverages are included in the menu. Guests can sit back and enjoy an unmatched dining experience with friends, family, colleagues, or clients. Our servers deliver the delightful arrangement of dishes directly to your table.

Family style:

Family style catering is ideal for sit-down, round-table events. If you want to create an atmosphere that encourages people to share their stories over a wide variety of appetizers and dining options, then family style catering is an excellent option. Appetizers are found in the center of the table while multiple courses and entrees are served by friendly waiters.

Buffet style:

Buffet style dining lets guests choose exactly what they want to eat while interacting with other individuals at the event.
Try new dishes from around the world and mingle with new people at the same time. It’s a lavish experience for all and is perfect for all types of events. Our menu is designed by gourmet chefs and will leave guests with a mouthwatering experience they’ll never forget. Enjoy elegant food in an elegant setting at Eden Palace.


Our delicious cuisine is prepared by world-class chefs professionally-trained in restaurants around the world.​

We can prepare a diverse range of international dishes to suit any unique needs or tastes guests may have.

We prepare a specialized menu based on your own personal whims and requests.

Menu services offered to guests include:​

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